Monday, January 17, 2011

Tartan Wool Jacket Outfit

These days, tartan doesn't come in only the form of drapery and Scottish kilts.
The most prevalent tartan fashion flowing out of the market right now is the tartan jacket. Often long, belted at the waist with large front buttons and wide collars, these pieces make exceptionally warm winter wear without the bulk of, say, a parka or down jacket. The tartan jacket will highlight any jeans, lining it with color and pattern and producing a balance of action and subtlety. And all of this come true in this outfit , completed with marvelous boots.  The lining of the boots has the same texture as the jacket. So girls wrap yourself warm in this cosy fabric!!

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mix & Match Winter Vest Outfit

Styling options with vests seem limitless..Wear a warm, lined wool fashion vest over a fitted turtleneck for a cozy and fashionable look during the colder months. 

Cool 2-in-1 boots in fine leather and wool. theses boots are a mix of wool knitted legwarmers and highheel classic boots. Go in style this winter!

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