Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chinese Blouse Outfit

How special this blouse is! The design combines fashion style with traditional element. The front side of the blouse is fastened with four frog buttons. Be creative with accessories, you will make your blouse fashionable. This cute little brown leather backpack can be a convenient and fashionable way to cart your belongings. The best part in carrying a backpack handbag  is that it leaves the hands free from carrying the bag. This will make the hands more free to move about and do other tasks. The compartment is secure with a flap that is fastened using a clasp. The backpack handbag is a definite innovation in the bag industry. The comfort and style it provides definitely came from years of study and he will definitely be a staple necessity for years to come.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Patchwork Dress Outfit

Not just for hippies in the 1960's, patchwork has made a big comeback this season. Whether you feel like playing it safe with a belt or going all-out in this beautiful handdrawn patchwork dress. The multicolor design means it will complement a wide variety of colors and wardrobe style. It will work as well with the dress only wear as it will with a pair of jeans. This wedgesandal is just what you need with this dress! You'll have legs that go on forever! Having a purse sturdy and big enough is important! And while there are so many cute handbags out there, there are only a select few that are able to carry so much weight, yet still not buckle under all that weight and break a strap or tear a hole. That’s why I desigend a handbag that's made of canvas! I feel like anything made out of canvas is just a much better quality because you can really packon the pounds without it ripping! Why carry one lip gloss when you can carry 4? 

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Black Snake Outfit

This assemble looks like a gothic culture mixed with a futuristic touch. The reptileskin effect pants material  convinced with a comfortable flexibility, which takes wearing comfort to a new level. One thing is clear : pants were never that sleek around your leg and combines perfectly with the boleorjacket and sexy top.
Animal jewelry is chic and stylish. There is something so timeless about it, but fashion forward as well. Just take these snake earrings as an example. Don't they look so high fashion? Slip these earrings, snakeboots- and belt on whenever you want to add a fabulou twist to you outfit and look unbelievable sexy !

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