Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Putzie Outfit

The popularity of harem pants increased in the late 1980s with MC Hammer.
Yes, you may be visualizing the not-so figure flattering MC Hammer pants but  the Harem pants that are ever so popular now are much more modern, figure friendly and cutting edge. To best flatter your figure in harem pants, pair them with a close fitting top (for a small-over-big  silhouette) and high, high heels.  All accessory are included!  

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Jasmine Dress

Those who got a very sweet looking face and a very charming personality here is something that you should certainly go for,  The Romantic delicate Jasmine dresses.  They are made of a truly soft natured fabrics in a soft salmon pink and a pink colors with a touch of silver glitter on the breast part and below the skirt. The skirt drapes very elegant over the legs and the kind of draping they got around them  something that you can never neglect. Romance is one of the best feelings of human heart and soul. Keeping this in mind i have designed this romance inspired dress with jewelry which you cant without on a romantic date.

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